The Suffragist Premiere


The Suffragist

The Suffragist, with a cast headlined by Nancy Opel, Cathryn Wake and MaKayla McDonald, premiered at the Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center July 16-18, 2021. The Gazette said the following on July 16, 2021:

“This is a triumphant launch for this new show — one that deserves more productions, more interpretations and more audiences to experience an artistic view of a chapter of history that needs to be remembered and honored……The harrowing moments of The Suffragist will suck away viewers’ breath. The hilarious moments mercifully will let them breathe. The drama in between is captivating.”

To listen to short excerpts from The Suffragist, click on the following link. To read the article about the premiere that appeared in the Des Moines Register, click on the following link. premiere-cedar-falls-the-suffragist-nancy-hill-cobb/7622383002/

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